What’s new in Intertradedocs

Though we’ve been quiet lately, we’re doing a lot behind the scenes: we’re constantly developing and testing new features, and today we’d like to announce the first of these new releases: document upload. While you can produce all of your core export documents with Intertradedocs, such as your commercial invoice, […]

Ballarat Regional Exporters Network – a new kind of event

There’s export activity everywhere, from small niche exporters to large commodity exporters, and the thing they have in common is a need to access relevant information. Intertradedocs and CVEN sponsored a new kind of event for exporters in the Ballarat region of Victoria during July of 2014. Experts from many […]

Delivering on the promise #1: the Export Invoice

Back when we were talking about UN Standards and Proformas, we looked at the way the Proforma is a statement of your contract of sale – it’s a promise between you and your customer, that you will deliver and they will pay. Now that we’ve looked at the process, let’s […]

It’s a red-letter day for Intertradedocs

Here at Intertradedocs.com we’re confident that our documentation software will help to provide a smooth path for export shipments, and it’s very, very nice to have that confirmed. We’re very pleased to be able to share that Intertradedocs’ software was chosen to provide all the complex export documentation for a […]

Interlude – what’s going on at Intertradedocs

While we’ve been busy putting the Export Process series together, we’ve also been quietly adding features to and updating the user experience for the Intertradedocs software itself, so we thought you might like it if we bring you up to speed while we work on the next series of articles. […]

On the blocks…

Your shipment’s almost on its way! The goods are packed or the container is loaded, the freight is booked; you have export clearance, all the export documentation is done, and you’re about to deliver the cargo to the terminal – there’s just one more thing you might need to do […]

Set Sail! Farewell to the land!

…well, almost. Somewhere between getting that all-important signed acceptance of the Proforma and the cargo leaving the country, there are still a few steps – most importantly, you have to book the passage! Booking the shipment Your forwarder already has the basic information about your shipment, from your Request for […]

All the pretty ducks in a row

We’re almost at the place where you can actually issue the Proforma; there are just two more important preparations you need to make. All this preparation is happening while you’re in discussions with your customer, about pricing, shipping, incoterms, insurance, payment terms and the rest. Once you’re able to issue […]

Taming the bureaucracy

We’ve got a quote on our front page: “Documentation is a vital part of sales, and especially export sales; the documents are not only the instrument for getting paid, but the instrument by which the buyer is able to access their goods. All countries have import regulations, and the incoming […]

Harmonising – it’s all about the customer

It’s funny how so many of us think of Customs as faceless people. Of course, they aren’t – but it might make it a little easier to grumble about the paperwork they require, especially at destination – they’re not even “our” Customs! Thinking about Customs and shipping paperwork as irritating […]

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