The allure of a well-turned Proforma

We did say that we get a bit excited about export documents, didn’t we? And rather than keep quiet about it, we thought we might just start a little series, so we could share… The Proforma Invoice, at the start of your document chain for a shipment, covers a lot […]

What’s all this fuss about UN standards?

Here at Intertradedocs we get pretty excited about export documents in general, but that’s a whole new post – watch out for it, it’s coming! UN standard trade documentation, all by itself, is something that’s worth getting to know about, for exporters, forwarders and anyone involved in international trade. It […]

Out into the world we go

Recently we’ve been making partnerships and finding clients in other countries – not so surprising, since the documents Intertradedocs makes are accepted globally. We’ve been welcomed in New Zealand and the USA, and now it’s time to go and meet some of the people who’ve received our work so kindly […]

This is serious, isn’t it?

It’s a lovely thing to see groups of export service providers all together, being very grown-up and serious – as if exporting successfully, getting to know new markets and meeting new customers weren’t just about the most fun an adult could have! Here at Intertradedocs we see things a bit […]

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