Interlude – what’s going on at Intertradedocs

Interlude – what’s going on at Intertradedocs

While we’ve been busy putting the Export Process series together, we’ve also been quietly adding features to and updating the user experience for the Intertradedocs software itself, so we thought you might like it if we bring you up to speed while we work on the next series of articles.

Commerce Plus integration

Australian exporters using Intertradedocs, who use Commerce Plus for EDN and PRA, can now submit their shipment details to Commerce Plus with a single click.

Intertradedocs clients who provide us with their Commerce Plus ID will find a new button on their Shipment Review screen; clicking that button will submit the shipment details automatically. Once you’ve done that, finalising the submission on the Commerce Plus site is much simpler, since most of the data entry has been done for you.We’ve added sections to the User Guide to explain how it all works, and what you’ll still need to do on the Commerce Plus site.

Exporting Shipment data

Intertradedocs clients will find another new button on the Shipment Review screen, whether or not you’re a Commerce Plus user; this button is called Export Shipment. When you click that button, you’ll be asked whether you want to open or save the file; it’s downloaded in CSV format. If you choose Open, the file will open in your default spreadsheet application – Excel or OpenOffice Calc or whatever you normally use.

This feature exports the shipment data required for Australian Customs outbound clearance. If you are exporting from another country, check the output data with your forwarder, in case it also works for you.

Check the updated User Guide, linked below, to see what’s included – you’ll find Export Shipment in the left-hand menu, around two-thirds of the way down.

Keeping your data secure

We’ve recently updated our Security Certificate, in the wake of the Heartbleed bug, to make sure that you don’t suffer from any security holes on the certificate agency side. Your data was never in any danger from that bug, because we weren’t running any of the dubious versions of OpenSSL. However, if you’d like to change your access details (username and/or password), please contact Intertradedocs Support.

The all-important User Guide

Visitors to can now check out the User Guide from any of the top menus – we’ve added a link. Click that link to see the complete User Guide, with screenshots, instructions and an in-depth look at how Intertradedocs works. The standard User Guide link from the navigation bar is still there to use once you’ve logged in.

We’ve added new sections to explain the new Commerce Plus and Export Shipment features, and updated several sections with new screenshots and even more straightforward explanations of how Intertradedocs can work better for you.


We’ve always asked for your feedback, and this time is no exception – if you find anything that could be clearer, or you’d really like more information in any section, please speak up! Add a comment here or send an email to Intertradedocs Support.

Stay tuned for updates like this every now and again; from next week, we’ll be returning to informational articles. Watch this space!

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