How to Subscribe

You can subscribe by signing up for a Free Trial, or by contacting ITDocs.

Subscription Types

A Budget Subscription allows one user to create, edit and delete all types of data and produce all documents. This subscription type has a limit of 3 shipments per month, and we provide storage for up to 500 records.

A Professional Subscription allows a single user to create, edit and delete all types of data and produce all documents. There is no limit to the number of shipments per month, and we provide additional storage for up to 2000 records.

A Corporate Subscription allows several users from a single organisation to log in. Users may have different roles. For instance, some may be able to create data, some to edit only. The subscription begins with two users, and further users can be added for a small monthly fee. The number of shipments per month is unlimited, and we provide storage for up to 4000 records.

Whatever your subscription needs, we can find a mix that will suit your company's requirements.


To see the current pricing for each type of Subscription, please visit our Pricing page.

Payment options

Bank Transfer - Intertradedocs can send you a monthly invoice. You can then pay by bank transfer by the due date, 14 days from the invoice date. If you do not want to continue your subscription, simply omit payment - we will contact you to make sure it isn't an oversight, and then deactivate your subscription.

Credit Card - Sign up to your preferred subscription package from the Pricing page; choose your preferred currency, and click on the Sign Up button for the package you want to subscribe to. You will receive an email with a link to the Pin Payments portal where you can securely enter your card details. This will set up a recurring monthly payment for your subscription. You will still receive a monthly invoice from Intertradedocs for your records.

Free Trial

Intertradedocs offers a month's free trial at Professional level. To apply for this trial, please complete the form on the Free Trial page.


To contact the team with your questions, please use the contact information on our Contacts page.

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