Creating a Shipment - Export Clearance

You will see when you enter this screen, that your shipment has been assigned a number. Each shipment is assigned a number which is also used on all documentation as an exporter's reference; this lets you tie your ITDocs shipment records together to the shipments you are sending, so you can always look back at the shipment details.

Completing the Clearance information

Export Clearance information might not be available when you are first creating a shipment, so none of the fields on this screen is mandatory - however, you will still need to click Save and Continue to move to the next screen.

You will then be able to come back and add clearance information as it comes to hand.

The Export Clearance screen

Export Permit Number

This Permit Number is for use when a single export permit covers the entire shipment - for instance, a shipment of a single product such as grain or wine.

Where you have multiple permit numbers for multiple products, you are able to enter these at the Export Invoice stage.

If your goods require an Export Permit before they are allowed to leave the country, this information must be added before the final Export Documents are generated.


The EDN, or Export Declaration Number, is issued by Australian Customs to goods that are cleared for export. Normally your freight forwarder will arrange export clearance and provide you with the EDN.

The EDN is not required on output documents, but should be added once you have it, as it is an important piece of information about this shipment.

Additional Details

This text is added to the Packing List, the Export Invoice and can also be used on the Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.

It is for the benefit of Customs at the destination, and should only be used for that purpose.

The limits to the text that can be added to this field are shown just above the field.

Special Instructions

Special Instructions have to do with any instructions as to loading/storage of the cargo, for instance in the case of perishable goods or live animals. This information is for the forwarder and shipping company or airline, and is included in the Shipper's Letter of Instruction.

The limits to the text that can be added to this field are shown just above the field.

Text fields and limitations

The text fields Additional Details and Special Instructions allow you to press Return as many times as you like, even while you enter the full number of allowed characters. However, the space available on the output forms has a limit.

If you find that the output forms no longer fit on a single page, it may help to come back to these fields and remove blank lines, and join lines into paragraphs.

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