The Custom Document

The Custom Document is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to generate a wide range of secondary documents for a shipment, aside from the core documents ITDocs produces as a matter of course. These can include:

The number of Custom Documents you can generate for a shipment is virtually unlimited.

Each Custom Document relates to, and only to, the shipment within which you create it. If you want to have a Certificate of Origin for another shipment, for instance, you will have to generate a Custom Document within that shipment.

The header section of any Custom Documents you generate will match the header section of the Commercial/Export Invoice, so that Customs, both outbound and at destination, will be able to match the documents to all the other documents for that shipment.

The Custom Document screen

On the Custom Document screen, you have two fields: Document Name and Free Text.

Document Name

The text you enter here will be shown at the top of the output document, and is the title of the document.

If you are making a Certificate of Origin, you would type Certificate of Origin in this field.

Free Text

This field is for any text you wish to appear in the body of the output document - information for Customs at Destination in the case of a Certificate of Origin, for instance.

Producing Special Documents

The Custom Document is the best place to set up special one-off documents for a shipment, including

Sample texts for inclusion in a Custom Document, provided below, are for your information only and should not replace consultation with official sources for the correct format for these declarations.

Sample Destination Control Statement (US Exports)

Document Name: Destination Control Statement

These commodities, technology or software were exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. Law is prohibited. Commodities are not to be used, directly or indirectly, in prohibited nuclear, chemical/biological or missile weapons activities.15 CFR ยง758.6.

Sample AUSFTA Statement (US Exports)

Document Name: Statement of US Origin

I declare that the goods arriving on the above details are US originating goods as defined in the US Free Trade Agreement implementation Act 2004 and as such are entitled to the preferential rate of customs duty as specified in the US Free Trade Agreement Implementation (Customs Tariff) Act 2004 under section 153YB of the Customs Act 1901 as the goods are wholly obtained or produced entirely in the USA.

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