The shipment is the core part of ITDocs. Here you will pull together information from the Parties and Products you have already saved, and add other relevant information about the shipment.

You can begin the shipment without having all the data; then you can go back as you have more information and add it.

For instance, when you are first organising the data for a shipment, you will probably not have the freight details - voyage or flight and freight cost, the insurance amount or the waybill or bill of lading number. You might also not have your export permit number or EDN.

The first Document you will need to issue is the Proforma Invoice, which will form the basis, or part of the basis of your contract of sale. So the initial data you enter needs only to be sufficient to complete the proforma invoice.

To create a new shipment, use the Navigation Bar to go to the Main Menu, and click on the link Create a New Shipment.

Shipment Numbers and Exporter's Reference

Each shipment that you create in ITDocs will be assigned a number. This happens when the first data entry screen of a shipment, International Transport, is saved.

The Shipment Number is used on all documentation as an exporter's reference. You can then tie your ITDocs shipment records to the shipments you are sending, so you can always look back at the shipment details.

The Shipment Numbers are also used in the Shipments List to give you access to that shipment's details: the numbers are displayed in descending order from the largest Shipment Number, so that the latest shipments are always the first to be displayed.

Using your in-house exporter's reference

Once the shipment is added, even before data entry is completed, you are taken to the Shipment Review Screen. At this point you are able to edit data on the export documents, and have that data saved with the shipment data.

If you open the Proforma Invoice for review, you can edit the Exporter's Reference field to replace the Intertradedocs-generated shipment number with your own export reference - an in-house job number, for instance. This field must be numerals only, with a limit of 9 digits.

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