Duplicating a Product

In case you have more than one packaging or size of a particular product, the Duplicate button on the List Products screen lets you speed up the data entry process by duplicating the product.

When you click the Duplicate button beside a product in the list, you will see a dialog box asking "Duplicate product with short desc:" followed by the description of the product. You can cancel the duplication at this point by clicking the Cancel button.

If you click "OK", you will be taken to an Edit Product screen with the details from the original product pasted into the data fields. The Short Description field will include "[DUPLICATE]" in front of the duplicated short description.

Because each product's Short Description and Long Description must be unique, different packagings of the same product must have different descriptions.

You should now edit the Short Description and Long Description fields so they contain the descriptions for this new version of the product.

You will then need to go through all the data fields about this version of the product, updating the information (weights, packaging, dimensions and pricing).

At the bottom of the data entry screen, click Save and Review to check your data entry; click Save and New to save this product and enter a new one; click Clear Form to start again from scratch.

The duplicated product screen before editing

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