Intertradedocs in Depth

This section has a series of in-depth tutorials in the use of ITDocs. You can read in order from the beginning, or you can use the navigation section on the left to jump to the section you want to read.

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Some tips on Using ITDocs

Saving - a timely reminder

If you move away from a data entry screen before clicking Save and Review, Save and New or Save and Continue -

your data will be lost!

Remember to click the Save button! You can always edit the data later if you need to.

Text sizes and zooming

We have tried to make sure that the text you see in ITDocs is clear and a reasonable size. However, if you need larger or smaller text, you can use this trick to change the size in your browser:

To make the text larger:

Hold down the control key and move the scroll wheel on your mouse up (away from you). Each click on the scroll wheel will enlarge the text by one step.

To make the text smaller:

Hold down the control key and move the scroll wheel on your mouse down (toward you). Each click on the scroll wheel will reduce the text by one step.

To return text to the default size:

In most browsers the keystroke to return to the default zoom level is control plus 0 (the zero key). Hold down control and press zero, then let both keys up.

You can use either the 0 key above the letter keys, or the 0 key on the numeric keypad.

Editing Data

Some data fields have special entry methods.

Drop-down lists - you will find these in Parties, Products and Shipments.

Calendars - you will find these in Shipments.

Lists of existing data - you will find these in Shipments.

All other fields are data fields you type into - these are on every data entry screen.

Duplicate Parties and Products

ITDocs doesn't allow you to have a Party or a Product with exactly the same name as an existing Party or Product - if you try to add a Product you already have, you will get an error message when you click Save and Review.

You can duplicate products from the Products List screen - you will find a Duplicate button to the right of each row.

If you need to enter several versions of a Product (because of different sizes, weights, or prices, for instance) you need to alter the Short Description and Long Description for each one, to avoid duplication.

You may need to enter more than one version of a Party, for instance where a company has offices in several countries. Again, you need to alter the Name in order to save the Party - you might consider adding the two-letter ISO country code to the name, to differentiate.

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