Producing the Export Documents

ITDocs prepares a set of core documents for each shipment, in addition to any Custom Documents you make.

The list of core documents can be found at the bottom of the Shipment Review screen, where you choose which documents for which you want to generate a PDF file:

The Custom Documents you have generated, if any, are listed after the core documents.

Documents from External Sources

For some shipments you might have additional documentation received from external sources - for instance, Wine Australia Certificates, or Phytosanitary (Health) Certificates. You can upload these to a shipment so that they are stored with your own documents, and can be produced at any time. If you have uploaded documents you wish to later remove, click on the [Delete] link beside the document you wish to remove.

Automatically generated documents

Container Summary

If you have an FCL shipment with more than 4 containers, ITDocs will generate a Container Summary with the Packing List, to take the overflow. This document is produced as part of the Packing List.

Multiple Packing Declarations

If you have an FCL shipment with more than 1 container, ITDocs will generate a Packing Declaration for each container.

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