Listing and Searching

When you click on Parties List in the Navigation Bar, or click the List and Search for Parties link on the Main Menu, you are taken to the Party List screen:

The Parties List - search boxes

At the top of the screen you find the boxes for searching through your list of Parties. This can be helpful if you have many Parties.

Searching for Parties

You can search by any or all of the search fields you see. Just fill in the details you know, and click Search.

You don't need to enter a full name; the search function will return results on a partial name, or a partial city or country. For instance, you can enter u into the country field and you will retrieve any results containing that letter, including Australia, USA, UK, Ukraine, Russia etc., so long as a Party with that country exists in your database when you run the search.


if you have any parties matching the criteria you have entered, you will get a list of those parties. If there are none, you will see a screen saying that there are no results.

Empty search results

If you have no results, you can click the List button to return you to the Parties List screen, and try searching again with fewer criteria.

If there are results, they will be presented as a list below the search boxes. Click on the name of a party in the list to be taken to that Party's review screen.

If the party you want is not already in the database, you can click the Add New button to add a new Party.

The Parties List

The List of Parties

Whether you are looking at the full list of your Parties, or the list returned from your search, the layout is the same:

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